Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Croc Hunter finally carks it...

Cark it: (verb) to die, cease functioning...
taken from this Australian Slang Dictionary

Steve Irwin, TV's famed Crocodile Hunter, died yesterday in what can only be called the most freakish of accidents.

After years of this maniac messing with the mighty crocodile, a sweet, docile, little stingray accomplished what the entire croc race had failed to do.

I can just imagine all of the disappointed and incredulous crocodiles in the world.

"Fuckin' stingray," shall become the phrase that will plague them, like "Bucky Fuckin'Dent" to a BoSox fan.

The Waitstaff will miss Mr. Irwin, for The Croc Hunter holds a special place in our tiny black heart, as he was the muse for one of our first sketches.

So, in memorium, for the first time on the internet, here is The Croc Hunter At Home, as performed at the 2005 Chicago Sketchfest.

To the man who, out of all the crocodile hunters in the world, was 'THE' Croc Hunter...


Hugs and handjobs,



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