Monday, October 02, 2006


Despite being a lifelong Philadelphian, I'm not an Eagles fan. (I'm not a sports guy at all, so don't take it personally.) But it's impossible not to take note of TO and his unwelcome media-baiting peccadilloes. I don't want to make any value judgements, but TO's a flaming asshole who should be removed from the public conscience, never to return. I don't know, but I've been told, non-stop media plays get mighty old. Not that I'm saying this latest little pill-popping episode was an attempt to get publicity, but TO's recent pill-popping episode was simply an attempt to get publicity. I wish I could just ignore him, but he's too big, too bad, too often plastered on the pixels like a too-often-played McDonald's spot to just pretend he doesn't exist.
Soloutions? Easy. I don't have any. If anyone does, please let me know c/o this blog, as soon as you can. Perhaps we can arrange for an all-TO/Dennis Rodman/Pat Robertson site, where anyone who wants to see flamboyant sports-slash-televangelist-personality-disordered pituitary cases revel in thir own testosterone-induced delusions of grandeur could get their fill at will, instead of having it stuffed down the throats of an unwiling audience who justwant to see how bad the contestants on "American Idol" suck this season.

You, the individual is the only one who can do this on a collective basis. So let's all band together for individuality, and conform to the standard of diversity.

And, TO, got any spare Percocets?

- Lippe


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