Monday, June 11, 2007

Little Known Sad Movies

I don't go to the movie theatre much anymore (does anyone over the age of 18?) but I do watch a lot of cable TV late at night and sometimes come across a little gem. Here are some little known and underrated movies that you've probably never heard of, let alone seen, that I recommend. Caution: I like sad movies.

Baby It's You (1983, Rosanna Arquette, Vincent Spano, John Sayles dir.) -- In 1966 New Jersey, Jill Rosen, a frustrated high schooler, is intrigued by an enigmatic new student known only as the Sheik. Sheik is a Sinatra-wannabe whose primary interests are his car, Frank Sinatra, and Jill. Jill is enamored with the rakish Sheik but eventually outgrows him and leaves for college. The Sheik heads off to Florida to become a famous lounge singer (or so he thinks), but soon learns what a naive loser he really is. He flees to Jill's school to declare his love only to realize that the two of them have no future together. The last scene is so beautifully poignant and pathetically sad as to discourage anyone from ever declaring love again. I just love it.

Proof (1991, Hugo Weaving, Genevieve Picot, Russell Crowe) -- Not that other Proof, this one is about a blind photographer (yes, you read that right) who grew up embittered by his blindness and completely distrustful of the world to the point where he believes his mother faked her own death so as to be rid of him. His bitterness cuts a path of distruction in his life as he viciously spurns and mistrusts anyone's feelings for him, especially his housekeeper's love. The scene where she offers herself and he rejects her is cringetacular. His friendship with a restaurant worker (Crowe) eventually leads him to the proof he seeks.

This is My Father (1998, Aidan Quinn, James Caan) -- an Irish Romeo and Juliet. James Caan returns to Ireland to seek knowledge about the father he never knew. Aidan Quinn plays his father in flashbacks revealing the doomed love affair and series of unfortunate events that crushed true love in the name of propriety and caused his mother to flee her homeland. It's a sweet, simple tale of sweet, simple folk just trying to be in love and what the world will do to people in those cases. Caan's performance is excellent as a man who is able to transcend the tragedy of the past.

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Douchebag Quote of the Day

I read this in a People magazine someone left in the stall at work and felt compelled to diss on it (yes, that too):

"Dirty Dancing taught me how to do a love scene. It's about making a soul connection."
Patrick Swayze

How can those words come out of someone's mouth and them not think, "Wow, that sounded like a bunch of pretentious crap"?

I mean, how does this work?: "OK, soon as the director yells action, I connect with Jennifer Gray's soul, say my lines to her soul, complete the scene with her soul, then withdraw from her soul before the scene ends so as not to become tangled up like I did with Charlie Sheen in 'Red Dawn'. OK, piece of cake."

And I gotta tell ya, a lot of the actors I've worked with have no soul to begin with, so this doesn't even make sense.

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Thursday, May 31, 2007


I lost my iPod about a month ago.

Had no idea where I lost it.

Last time I saw it, I had a friend over, and she wouldn't have stolen it (would she?).

So yesterday I broke down and bought a new one; with a case this time so it doesn't get all scratched up.


This morning I found the old one tucked away in my computer bag. For three weeks I can't find the thing and then less than 24 hours after I buy a new one, I find it.

Oh ha ha, Life.

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

It's the Little Things That Drive You Crazy

Like this one teeny, miniscule dollop of snot dangling loosely in my left nostril. It tickles, it rattles, evey time I breathe, which is fairly often these days.

Life is so unfair...

Monday, February 12, 2007

Caution: Be Careful When Mis-dialing!!!

So I'm checking my voicemail message on my cell phone as we now have a no-cell phone policy at my office and I wish I would've saved this message but I was laughing so hard I deleted it.

Let me first state that the woman was calling from a restricted line so there is no way I can call her back.

Let me also set this up by stating that I received 2 phone calls this weekend on my cell phone from a number I don't know, and they didn't leave a message either time.

So the message goes:
Sara, you f*cking b*itch. I wanna know why you're on my husband's cell phone. I wanna know who the f*ck you think you are...............B*tch!!!!!
Help!! Some strange, ANGRY woman is cell phone stalking me because her husband mis-dialed!!

Cell phone users: Be careful when dialing phone numbers into a cell phone!!

Men with with possessive, ANGRY wives: Don't leave your cell phone lying around when you are not there as this may result in someone getting cell phone stalked, or mugged, or worse!!!

Sigh! Ain't technology grand!!!

Oh, and if anyone tries to call my cell phone I probably won't be answering it for the next couple of days.

Send me an email.

Happy Monday!!


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Thursday, February 08, 2007

They Always Come In Threes...

That's right, hot on the broken heels of everyone's favorite one hit wonder, Barbaro, news comes today that yet another horse, Anna Nicole Smith, has gone belly up.
Sadly, this one collapsed, thus denying anyone the chance to shoot her. (Sigh)

Wait... I'm suddenly getting a premonition!
I see... Trimspa ... going bankrupt!

Oh, and heads up, Miss Parker.
You're in the crosshairs.

Hugs and Handjobs,


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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Aqua Teen Hunger Force - The New Face Of Terrorism

Yesterday, Boston experienced a massive panic when a series of "mysterious devices" appeared around the city. Authorities closed bridges and a highway and actually went so far as to detonate one, thinking it was a bomb, only to find out later it was a publicity stunt for the Cartoon Network's late night cartoon, Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Yeah, these guys.
And here's one of the "devices."

This whole thing has spiraled out of control, with Boston's Mayor threatening legal action against Turner Broadcasting. Which is ridiculous, because the devices had been up for three weeks!!
What if they had been bombs? Way to be on top of things, Mr. Mayor. Good luck in that re-election bid.


Cartoons have definitely changed. You'd never see the Smurfs take such a guerilla approach to marketing. Although, now that I think about it, Papa Smurf DOES kinda look like an Al Qaeda agent.


Hugs and Handjobs,


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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

DJ Darth Vader

Known to battle relentlessly with his nemesis, DJ Jedi Jeff.

Hey Darth, for having the entire Imperial army at your beck and call, your lighting crew sucks.

Hugs and Handjobs,