Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A sad, frustrating historical tale, told in the original ACT noters, before I took my job here. The first half of these posts are from my predesessor, Dan. I'll let you know when mine com in...

11/12/02: Spoke to Fred and he said that they offer a full physical to their employees annually. They have 150 employees, that receive full physicals and then every 3 years they do the office personnel as well. He wants info on our services before scheduling a meeting. He was hesitant at first that we could not meet his needs, but was surprised that all components of their physicals we can do.

12/6/02: met with Fred Burgos and he was very impressed with our capabilities. He said that he will be very busy through the end of the year, but wants pricing and reference info to get things in line for 2003. He said that they are under contract through May of 2003. They will have a board meeting in January to discuss this further.

1/9/03 Fred wants a call back in 2 weeks to update the status.

2/13/03: Still waiting to hear back but he thinks that it should be soon. Call again in 2
weeks if he does not call me first. He wants to use us.

3/7/03: and they are involved in a major cleanup and that is taking center stage right now. Can try back toward the end of the month.

5/2/03: they decided to renew the current contract for 1 more year. Fred said that the door is still open for a change for next year. Call him in December to set up appt with Fred and his boss.

12/3/03: Spoke to Fred and he said that they have no plans to change the contract. That does not mean that he won't keep bending the ear of his boss though. He said to keep in touch but for now no change in plans.

5/4/04: Nothing new, Fred said that they have chosen to contract with local hospital again. The contract runs through next April. Call him in January to see what the status is then. He wants to use PHS, but he does not have the final say.

1/5/05: I spoke to Fred and he said that his boss is already in negotiations with the local hospital and it is all but a done deal to extend the contract. he said that htere is no way for this year that I can get in.

4/21/05: Spoke to Fred and the boss signed another extension with current provider.

Now I enter the picture:

1/19/06: Not this year - a done deal for the local clinic. fred says budget done in October/November; I said we'd call in late sept to see if we have a fighting chance. fred and I shared a laugh about "the long sad story" this sales cycle has become.

9/13/06: new contract starts May 1st, 2007, and he tells me now is the time to get the ball rolling. He hasn't seen recent material, so I'm emailing current . I asked about wellness testing, and the response was "we don't give a crap".

9/19/06: Left message: 9/19/06

9/20/06: he said he passed on to his boss; Fred was impressed by our info, and said he was going to email breakdown of employees, locations and testing needed per location. I'll give a call in 2 weeks if I don't hear from him.

10/4/2006: Today Fred reports that he was going to email breakdown but got busy. He added that he planned to do it, "soon, in fact". i'll check in again in another 2 weeks.

10/18/06: Fred states today that he should probably email me a breakdown, adding: "And we're gonna do it, too!" I'll cb in another week.

10/25/06: "IT'S IN THE MAIL!" cb 1 week. if not recieved.

11/1/06: Email sent: Hi, Fred!
I'm sorry, but we never received the breakdown of employees
you mailed out last week.
Would you mind sending it again?
Feel free to fax or email it if you like

11/1/06: It was not in the mail. I sent Fred email requesting another copy. Tune in next week, same Bat-time, same Bat-channel for the next thrilling chapter.

11/16/06: "oh, no, I didn't mail it out", fred demurred petulantly, "I'm still putting it together." And here I thought he had sent a breakdown of employees to be tested through the mail just because he said "I completed it and mailed it to you last week." back on 10.25. This guy is a yutz, a shmo, a brobdignagian schlemiel. Not wasting time, as he's a liar and a shlub.


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