Monday, June 11, 2007

Douchebag Quote of the Day

I read this in a People magazine someone left in the stall at work and felt compelled to diss on it (yes, that too):

"Dirty Dancing taught me how to do a love scene. It's about making a soul connection."
Patrick Swayze

How can those words come out of someone's mouth and them not think, "Wow, that sounded like a bunch of pretentious crap"?

I mean, how does this work?: "OK, soon as the director yells action, I connect with Jennifer Gray's soul, say my lines to her soul, complete the scene with her soul, then withdraw from her soul before the scene ends so as not to become tangled up like I did with Charlie Sheen in 'Red Dawn'. OK, piece of cake."

And I gotta tell ya, a lot of the actors I've worked with have no soul to begin with, so this doesn't even make sense.

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