Monday, February 12, 2007

Caution: Be Careful When Mis-dialing!!!

So I'm checking my voicemail message on my cell phone as we now have a no-cell phone policy at my office and I wish I would've saved this message but I was laughing so hard I deleted it.

Let me first state that the woman was calling from a restricted line so there is no way I can call her back.

Let me also set this up by stating that I received 2 phone calls this weekend on my cell phone from a number I don't know, and they didn't leave a message either time.

So the message goes:
Sara, you f*cking b*itch. I wanna know why you're on my husband's cell phone. I wanna know who the f*ck you think you are...............B*tch!!!!!
Help!! Some strange, ANGRY woman is cell phone stalking me because her husband mis-dialed!!

Cell phone users: Be careful when dialing phone numbers into a cell phone!!

Men with with possessive, ANGRY wives: Don't leave your cell phone lying around when you are not there as this may result in someone getting cell phone stalked, or mugged, or worse!!!

Sigh! Ain't technology grand!!!

Oh, and if anyone tries to call my cell phone I probably won't be answering it for the next couple of days.

Send me an email.

Happy Monday!!


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