Friday, January 26, 2007

Wear Your Wig to Work Day

Today was Wear Your Wig to Work Day. In the past I’ve always heard about it after the fact, so this year I was psyched to learn about it beforehand and participate. Now, I work in a semi respectable office. It’s fairly casual, but sometimes clients come in, so we have to look somewhat professional. I knew my foot high beehive wig was out. I decided to play it safe and wear my fall (a ponytail attached to the back of the head with a clip comb), which looks something like this. It’s the same color as my natural hair, but it’s about a foot longer and has a lot more body.

So, you know what happened at work today? People didn’t recognize me. I was dressed the way I normally do (business crappy), just had longer hair, but it was still my hair color. When they realized it was me they asked, “How’d you grow your hair so long overnight?”

God, I work with some idiots.

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Blogger Gabrielle said...

Thanks for participating in 2007's Wear Your Wig to Work Day!! We are pleased by your resourcefulness in finding fake hair that was appropriate for your workplace. Wig Day is all about creative problem solving and you win the prize!
Send us some photos --- we'd love to add them to our site.

12:04 AM


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