Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Look into My Psyche

I’m not one to put much into astrology, but I like to keep track of it, just to see how my life is supposed to be going. Here’s last week’s Pisces horoscope from Free Will Astrology

Everyone has about 1,500 dreams a year. Of those, maybe 1,420 are confusing, indecipherable, and can't be mined for valuable revelations about the inner workings of your psyche by even the most skilled dream interpreter. That leaves 80 intensely useful letters to your conscious self from your deep unconscious. Any one of them could break you out of self-defeating patterns and transform your life forever. This week there's an especially high likelihood that your nightly adventures will be beautiful teachings that are coherent enough to recall.

So, here’s what I dreamt last night:

A vampire was stalking me and the only way to kill it was to stab it through the heart with a hard boiled egg. We must have been at high altitude, because the water just would not boil and the best I could do was soft boiled eggs that so obviously could not pierce skin, much less the breast bone of a preternatural creature of the night, but, ironically, are much tastier than hard boiled eggs.

What does it all mean?



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